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Photo/Peter Bosy

Mary Lou Scalise Edwards is a Chicagoan born into an Italian-American family with all the blessings and liabilities that encompasses.  Many of her hilarious coming-of-age stories originate in an ethnic neighborhood in Bridgeport, part of the infamous old First Ward -- home to mayors, moguls, and mobsters. 

With a degree in Speech and Theatre, Mary Lou graduated from the University of Illinois, Champaign/Urbana, where she discovered the whole world was not Catholic and the Earth was round. 

Steeped in union tradition, Mary Lou got her first unionized job at fourteen and, at various points in her career, belonged to five different AFL-CIO organizations.  As both a member and staff, she worked on behalf of trade union issues and some of her most ironic tales emanate from the role the union played in workplace fiascoes.

With divine irreverence, Mary Lou's straight from the heart stories are at once hilarious and traumatic, cutting and poignant.  Her take-no-prisoners style exposes the guilty and gives voice to the wounded. 

Her slice of life stories captivate every man and woman forced to search for the fun in dysfunction or those who appreciate "you are there" experiences.  Her comic take on life's absurdities captures painful and outrageous truths, which cut deeply into our modern psyche. 

Mary Lou and her husband, having raised two daughters, now enjoy an empty nest just outside of Chicago.